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Bob started out making custom hand made golf clubs with his father many years ago. These were some of the finest clubs around. They were custom made to fit the customer and their individual swing. When I say custom made I don't mean to bend it at some predetermined angle. I mean custom carved and sanded and shellacked it by hand. These beautiful clubs were made under the name "Proficiency".

Bob has an uncanny ability to decipher the golf swing and pick out little things that many others would miss. Over the years he has looked at thousands of swings as he made these custom made clubs. He knows what works and what doesn't not just as an instructor but also as a master club maker. This gives him a different prospective.

He knows by looking at the swing is it a simple mechanical adjustment? Is it as simple as using a thicker grip? Bob is a tremendous player and instructor. Bob's forte is the short game and he is a natural with the kids. He has been a PGA member for over 25 years


phone: 631-697-4682 email: Bob.Greenstein@AOL.Com